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Heateon, Bradford

Meet Emily Button – a real, live rag doll made from vintage style fabrics, buttons and ribbons. She LOVES to collect things, which she puts in her pocket – from a piece of string, to a shiny shell – ready for her next adventure. She lives in a sewing box with Bobble her cat and Mousey the mouse.


Emily Button Help and FAQ's


What is Emily Button?

Emily Button is an adventurous rag doll with traditional values in a modern, make-believe world. She solves day-to-day problems through play, creativity, and with a little help from her friends.

Emily Button’s world brings a new adventure every day. Bad luck always turns good and wrong things turn out right. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, or even if you’re made out of rags: a little imagination and a useful pocket of bits and bobs can work wonders.

What age group is Emily Button for?

Emily Button has been created for Pre-School Children and is a great website for Parents, Grand Parents and big Brothers & Sisters to get involved to share the activities and adventures.


Does the Emily Button website collect any of my personal details?

Please see our Privacy Policy under the Grown-Ups section of the site or link Privacy Policy.

Membership / My Emily Button

How do I become a member?

Simply ask a grown-up to complete the Sign Up Page for you. They will receive an email with your login details. We will send emails with the latest Emily Button news and we promise not to share your details. You can use all of the site without signing in at present.

I didn’t receive my registration email

There are a couple of reasons why you may have not received your registration confirmation email.

1. Wrong email address
. If you entered an incorrect email address when you registered, this will prevent you receiving any emails from Please re- register using your correct email address.

2. The email was blocked. 
In some cases your email provider may block emails from us. This could be due to a restrictions on the email account that is provided to you. For information on your email restrictions please contact your email account provider.

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password don't panic! Simply go to the Log In page and click on the forgotten password link. Enter your email address and we will send you a new password. You can change your password at any time in the Change Details Section of the website when you are already signed in.

How do I change my password?

To edit your password ensure you are logged in already, click onto the Change Details link situated in the top right corner of Emily Button's site. Enter your new password on the form provided as well as your old password and click update. You will now be able to log-in with your new password.

How do I edit my profile?

To edit your profile ensure you are logged in already, click onto the Change Details link situated in the top right corner of Emily Button's site. Enter your new profile details and click Update.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership please use the email address on the Contact page under Grown-Ups section. Send us an email and we'll cancel your membership. We'll be sorry to see you leave. Please let us know any feedback if you have had trouble with the Emily Button website by using the details on the Contact page.

How do I download content - Wallpapers and Print & Colour

To download any content, eg Wallpapers and Print and Colour, please click onto the thumbnail for the image. A large preview will open with a download button. Please click the download button. The image will now appear in your browser. In your browser window go to File and then Print. Follow your browsers and printer instructions.

Why are some games & activities not available or working for me on the Emily Button website?

Some games require a Flash Plugin to enable them to play. We have provided alternate media files to cover many devices so hopefully one of those will work for you. If you see an "Ooops there's something wrong" image your device is requesting a file that we do not support.

Webcam Fun

Here are some frequently asked questions about Webcam Fun starring Emily and friends.

What if I don't have a webcam?

These animations and activities require a webcam, without one you will unfortunately not be able to see anything. If you do not have a webcam and intend to purchase one, please check that your PC or Mac meets the minimum system requirements below.

Is this safe? Will this harm my computer? Is it downloading something?

You will need a free software application to run the animations in Webcam Fun which can be downloaded from the links below if you do not have it to your computer. This software is produced by Adobe and is approved for most PC and Mac computer platforms.

Do I need to install any software for starring with Emily and friends?

1. You may need to download a plug in to view the animations.

2. Make sure that your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements, please see details below.

3. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet.

4. Make sure that your webcam is plugged in.

5. Make sure that your sound is turned on.

6. Start your browser.

7. Go to the Emily Button website (, then to the Emily Button Fun link in the left hand side menu. Select any theme and click onto the Webcam Fun badge in the top right of the main content.

8. Read the brief Webcan Fun instructions on the right, download the Marker and then click on the Webcam Fun Badge.

9. The animation will load automatically. If not, you should be prompted to download the required plug in software if your machine detects it is missing.

10. Follow the instructions for the plug in download.

11. Installation completed. You may need to restart the browser for the plug in to work.

What are the minimum system requirements?


PC Hardware: Processor: P4 1.4 GHz, dual Core (or core 2) recommended.

Main memory: at least 512 Mb, 1Gb recommended.

Graphics cards: Supports most graphics cards (Nvidia, ATI, Chipset Intel) and integrated graphic card on laptop.

PC Software:Windows XP (SP2+), Windows Vista and Windows 7.


Mac Software:Mac OS (Intel) 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 .

PC Browser requirements: Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 Firefox 3.x .

Mac Browser requirements: Safari 3.x, Firefox 3.x, (Opera and Chrome browsers are not supported yet).

Webcam: Most standard webcams with at least 640 x 480 resolution will work (exception: Microsoft Lifecam Series are not supported).

How does the Emily and Friends Webcam Fun work?

1. Download the special Webcam Fun marker if you have not done so yet.

2. Hold your marker steady. Quick, jerky motions limit detection by your webcam.

3. Use under normal lighting conditions. Direct or bright lights can create glares.

4. Hold the marker so it's fully visible in front of the webcam. Partially visible markers cannot be detected.

5. Make sure the marker is not too bent or folded. Markers with creases can impair detection.

6. Avoid tilting the marker to extreme orientations in front of your camera.

7. If you are still experiencing any issues with detection, please close and restart the browser.

Does it matter what kind of webcam I have? Internal or external?

No, it works with all webcams (exception: Microsoft Lifecam Series are not supported).

How close should I hold my marker to the webcam?

For best results, hold the marker so it's fully visible in front of the webcam.

I can't see the animation?

You may need to download a free plug in for your browser. See the links below.

What happens if I tilt the marker?

Avoid tilting the marker to extreme orientations in front of your camera.

Why and when do I use the marker?

Use the marker when the Webcam Fun page has loaded, and you can see yourself. Hold the Marker up to the webcam with the flower side facing it. Once the animation is triggered you can lower the marker.

I can see myself while the animation is playing. Is that the way this is supposed to be?


Why does the animation not work?

Remember to check the following:

1. Your webcam is plugged in and installed correctly;

2. You've have downloaded and installed the latest version of Adobe's Shockwave and Flash Player on your machine. (see below for relevant links).

3. You're in a well lit room;

4. You're holding the marker so it's fully visible in front of the webcam.

If you're still experiencing difficulties, please contact us via the help email found on the Emily Button Contact page.

How can I email my friends about Webcam Fun?

You can email the webpage to all your friends so they can play the Webcam Fun with Emily and friends for themselves.

You could also email your friends a copy of the picture you can take in Webcam Fun.

I have a Macintosh and my marker is not working. Why?

The minimum system requirements for a Mac are:

Hardware: Intel CPU Software:

Mac OS 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 Browser: Safari 3.x Firefox 3.5.x .

I am using Mac and Firefox I get a picture of a Lego Brick and the message “Click here to download plugin”.

The browser is missing the Adobe Shockwave player plug in.

Please visit  and install the latest plugin, restart the browser and try again.

I am using Mac and Safari I get a “missing plugin” error.

The browser is missing the Adobe Shockwave player plug in.

Please visit  and install plugin.

Restart the browser and try again.

Additional Software Requirements

Adobe Shockwave -

Latest Version is available here

Adobe Flash Player -

Latest Version is available here


We are currently experiencing an issue with the Dress up functionality on Macs. You should be able to 'wear' Emily's hair, Bobble's ears and nose, and have Mousey jump up and down on your shoulder. Please bear with us whilst we try to fix this.


Where can I buy Emily Button products?

You will be able to buy Emily Button products from October 2011 at Marks and Spencer.


Browser Compatibility

PC (Windows)

Internet Explorer 7 and 8

Internet Explorer 9 For Windows 7

Mozilla Firefox 3.6

Chrome 10


Safari 5

What happens if my question isn’t here in the FAQ?

If your question has not been answered here please use our Contact page and drop us a line. We'll do our best to help