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bingley road
Heateon, Bradford

Meet Emily Button – a real, live rag doll made from vintage style fabrics, buttons and ribbons. She LOVES to collect things, which she puts in her pocket – from a piece of string, to a shiny shell – ready for her next adventure. She lives in a sewing box with Bobble her cat and Mousey the mouse.

Make & Do

Salt Dough Decorations

Watch the video and find out how to make a beautiful handmade decoration using salt dough. 

Finish it off with a pretty piece of ribbon and add it to your Christmas tree. 

Meringue Lollipops

Spend some time in the kitchen making meringue lollipops, you can make all sorts of shapes once you get the hang of the piping bag.

Take a look at the recipe here


St. Patricks Day

Make a shamrock garland.

Watch the video to follow the instructions.

Click here to download the patterned strips. 


Mother's Day Card

Put a smile on your mummy's face and make her a Mother's Day card with the help of Emily Button, Mousey and Bobble. 

Watch the video and follow the instructions. You will need to download and print off the templates. Click here (966 KB). Ask an adult for help.


World Book Day

Did you know it was World Book Day on the 6th of March? Well, It's never too late to print off 2 Emily Button bookmarks to help you keep track of how many pages you've read in your favourite books. 

Click here to download a PDF (263 kb) with instructions and remember to ask an adult for help. 


Pancake Day

It's Shrove Tuesday again soon, which means Bobble, Mousey and me are looking forward to eating lots and lots of pancakes. I wish I would remember to have them more often, because we do love them so very much.

Why not make some of your own?

We have created a super activity sheet for you to download (pdf, 1.9mb).

Happy Pancake Day everyone! 


St. David's Day

Can you help Emily, Mousey and Bobble make a paper daffodil to celebrate St David's Day. Watch the video and follow the instructions. 

Download the daffodil template here (132kb). 

Hope You have a fabulous St. David's Day!


Yoghurt Ice Lollies

Make some delicious, fruity ice lollies, especially now that the sun is starting to shine again!

Watch the video to see how Emily, Bobble and Mousey the mouse join together to create a treat to beat the heat!


Chocolate Crispy Nests

Emily, Bobble and Mousey the mouse love chocolate! As a treat, they have made some lovely chocolate crispy nests to share with all their friends. Perfect for Easter too.

You could make them too by following the instructions in the video. Yum!


Flower Photo Frame

Create you very own flower photo frame. Made from lots of scrunched-up tissue paper, and a ribbon to hang it up, Emily, Bobble and Mousey the mouse will show you how in the video.

Perfect for a hand-made present for someone very special.


Make Chocolate Apples

Yum Yum! We do like apples, especially when they're covered in chocolate! We made these for Halloween last year but Mousey the Mouse couldn't resist making more!!

We hope you enjoy them as much as Mousey does!


Potato Printing

Do some colourful potato prints with Emily!

This is so much fun, and you can do it too. There are so many different prints you can make and use over and over again! 

You will need an adults help to help you with your print making first. Have fun!!


Lots more things to Make & Do coming very soon.


There's more video's on YouTube too...